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Caritas Clinical is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) partner in clinical studies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies - but what does "Caritas" mean? Caritas was often seen as the chief medieval concept guiding relationships, directing government, even posited as the rule behind mathematics and order in the universe. It was the word used for "love" in the principal: love your neighbor as yourself. It was also the root of our modern word charity. 

Caritas was not an act of compulsion, but the care one would have for family. 

Bottom line - we created this company to do what we love to do: life-changing medical research; and to dedicate our time, talents, and resources to those who need them. 

What We Do

We provide solutions to serve you at all levels of the clinical trial process: 

Do you need a clinical team for one or several of your clinical studies? 

We will connect you with whatever resources you need to run your clinical trials globally or domestically. 

Are you swamped with administrative work? 

We can provide a part-time CRA to review all of your trip reports, maybe another monitor to look after those PSVs you are doing yourself, an experienced clinical lead to write your risk-based monitoirng plan, a CTA to manage your clinical trials' regulatory documents, medical safety associates to help with safety reports. 

Wherever you are overwhelmed, or just need help - think of us. Serving you is what defines Caritas. 

Beyond the work-space, we demonstrate Caritas to our community: giving a percentage of our company profits to charitable causes that improve the lives of those in need.

Get Involved

Partner with us for your pharmaceutical drug, biologic, medical device, registry, or in vitro diagnostic study. We represent a number of clinical research professionals who are happy to do what they do and look forward to serving you. 

If you are an established clinical research professional tired of working for companies that could care less about you and realize profit from hard-earned hours which you never see - talk to us. You may like our approach better.

If you are a medical professional, or are just a helpful individual, who would like to assist those with limited access to care get what they need - contact us.  We may be a for-profit company, but we also do enjoy helping great non-profits connect with great people.

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Caritas Clinical Consulting, LLC

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